Episode 66 –Estate of Panic: Part 1

MANY spiders were harmed in the making of this show.

Episode Notes

We're back! Well...most of us are. Ronnie's taking care of a baby. And while the new daddy is away, the lovers will cover a Genre Themed Reality Challenge Show.

We're taking a short break from our regularly scheduled Clone High coverage to bring you Estate of Panic!

What this show lacks in temple guards and horse cum, it makes up for in well crafted challenges and player betrayals.

Thank you so much to Lunar Light Studio for rocking all of our socks. Your socks. My socks. Ronnie's baby's socks. Such tiny socks require tiny Rocks but Lunar Light is on the case!

Also, speaking of Ronnie's baby, Ronnie needs money. Please donate to the Lunar Light Patreon so Ronnie can feed his family!

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